[sword-devel] Correct place to report bugs

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Dec 27 22:15:29 MST 2009

On 12/27/2009 7:48 PM, Jonathan Morgan wrote:
> I notice that the CrossWire FAQ currently says to email
> sword-bugs at crosswire.org, while my memory from this list suggests JIRA
> is the correct place to report problems.  Should this change?

There are two rules, depending on who you are.

End users should be directed to sword-bugs at crosswire.org because we 
actually want to hear bug reports, and requiring them to go to the bug 
tracker, get a JIRA account, and then file a bug report is completely 

Developers should really get an account and file a report.

> Are
> software issues and module issues reported to different places? (I
> know they have different JIRA projects).


> It is also true that at
> least Xiphos, BibleTime and BPBible have their own issue trackers
> separate from CrossWire JIRA: is it worth changing the text of the FAQ
> in some way to direct users of these programs to the correct issue
> tracker?

Most front end teams have at least one person on sword-support 
monitoring bug reports and support requests. Most front ends also direct 
users to the appropriate venues for support specific to them.

> It might also be worth adding an item to the module FAQs along the
> lines of "I've found a problem with a module. How do I report it?",
> since I for one would be unlikely to look at the "Questions about the
> use of our software" to report a problem with the book I am currently
> looking at.

I would use "CTRL-F bug", personally, but I added this to the FAQ.


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