[sword-devel] Correct place to report bugs

Jonathan Morgan jonmmorgan at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 20:48:57 MST 2009

I notice that the CrossWire FAQ currently says to email
sword-bugs at crosswire.org, while my memory from this list suggests JIRA
is the correct place to report problems.  Should this change?  Are
software issues and module issues reported to different places? (I
know they have different JIRA projects).  It is also true that at
least Xiphos, BibleTime and BPBible have their own issue trackers
separate from CrossWire JIRA: is it worth changing the text of the FAQ
in some way to direct users of these programs to the correct issue

It might also be worth adding an item to the module FAQs along the
lines of "I've found a problem with a module. How do I report it?",
since I for one would be unlikely to look at the "Questions about the
use of our software" to report a problem with the book I am currently
looking at.


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