[sword-devel] clucene UTF-8 to wchar_t * (or TCHAR *) (was: 1.6.1 final call)

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Dec 26 11:00:22 MST 2009

Matthew, I'd like to look into this problem for you, but since it appears to only happen on windows, it might be a little more difficult for me.

Could you provide reproduction steps outside of Xiphos? ...maybe with either utilities/mkfastmod or examples/cmdline/search?

Thanks for the report and any help resolving this.


Matthew Talbert <ransom1982 at gmail.com> wrote:

>btw, "multi-character" is not accurate. It's just too early in the
>morning to figure out the correct thing to say.
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