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David Bell david.benjamin.bell at gmail.com
Fri Dec 25 02:12:15 MST 2009

Dear Manfred,

What a Christmas gift! Having the headings back in my modules is wonderful.
It has been a while since I have seen those. I think the last version that I
had the headings working in was back around 1.2 or so. And the ability to
specify a font for a specific module is fantastic. My problem has always
been with the Greek and Hebrew modules. It is hard to find a good unicode
font with letter styles that are nice in Latin, Greek and Hebrew. That is
solved now that I can specify which font I want to use for each document.

The idea of including rtf notes was a surprise, but it is a great idea. I
like to write my sermons in RTF, so I can have access to my sermons directly
in MacSword without having to make modules out of them. In fooling around
with it this morning, I couldn't exactly figure out how to change the name
of the file (New Note) unless I went to the Finder and changed it there. The
same was true of the folder. Then I got an idea. I put aliases of my sermon
folders into the MacSword Notes folder, but MacSword couldn't handle the
alias. If that were possible, it would be a great way to have access to
personal files without having to actually move them to an inconvenient place
like the MacSword application sopport folder.

I have one other question that ocurred to me this morning as I was
enjoying all of the good thought and hard work that you and others
have put into MacSword. Is there a good way to search for Strongs
codes in a module? There used to be a search like "strongs:052", but I
don't know if that is still valid. I looked at the Wiki, but it didn't
mention anything about it.

Once again, thank you for the exciting features and Merry Christmas.

David Bell

P.S. I've mentioned it before, but I did the Spanish
localization of some earlier versions of MacSword and am willing to work on
the localization of 2.1. But I need a list of the strings. Estoy a tu

On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 1:32 PM, Manfred Bergmann <bergmannmd at web.de> wrote:

> Hi.
> I just released a release candidate of the upcoming 2.1 version with the
> following changes:
> - Notes system. Left sidebar has a new category "Notes". Notes basically
> are RTF text files manageable in MacSword. They can be created, moved and
> deleted from MacSword and are integrated into MacSword as tabs or windows.
> Bible references can be added to note's text which will show the reference
> target as tooltip or in the preview window. This should give a bit of word
> processing capability without the need of another software like TextEdit.
> - A different font can be chosen for every module.
> - Left sidebar is more iTunes like with new drawer icons.
> - Headings (pre-verse and book/chapter introductions) are now displayed
> when enabled.
> - The latest version of the SWORD engine (with Luther and German
> versification) including developer utilities.
> - Two main menu items have been added that create/remove symlinks to the
> SWORD module utilities in /usr/local/bin folder.
> - Many code cleanups, refactorings and general fixes.
> http://www.macsword.com/macsword2/download/MacSword-2.1.0rc1-440.app.zip
> I'll also be away until 4th January.
> See you then.
> Merry Christmas and God bless,
> Manfred
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