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Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Tue Dec 22 11:28:50 MST 2009

Hi Konstantin .....

Konstantin Maslyuk wrote:
> Hi, Barry. If you want maintain SwordReader, we could roll back on latest working for you version of SwRd svn, and apply my patches. For now SwordReader works on wm5+ devices, and wm2003 has bug with menu display, that cause program termination, whitch i haven't time to fix (maybe it is beacouse my devenv?).
I have a copy of the last svn that I was able to work on.  But I 
wouldn't want to roll back as David's last version is really good in 
comparison to the older release.  And as I say, I think the need for 
maintenance is quite scarce.  As I have said in another post, I do have 
a working binary of the last build I made, so if anyone wants it, I can 
let them have it.  I have no write access to the SwordReader site on 
SourceForge, but if need be, I could put the old binary up on the 
Crosswire site ....

God bless,


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