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Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Fri Dec 18 07:34:00 MST 2009

Hi Jon ......

re: dates in bible .....

Jonathan Morgan wrote:
> Do you have any
> particular Bible version in mind that does this?
There was a very popular edition of the KJV which had the dates (the 
gospel according to Bishop Ussher) down the centre of the bible (RHS of 
left page, LHS of right page).  Wonderful for six-day creationists.  
Ussher's Chronology is now sidelined because of the fundamendalist view 
that in early genesis, the chronology according to Ussher is exact.  
Ussher himself never claimed that!  However, from Israel-in-Egypt 
onwards, Ussher is accurate (more or less) and archaeologically 
verifiably so, and thus the dates are useful - but only after Gen 37 or 
so (some would say only after the Exodus).

Personally I'd love to have a module with Usser's chronology as 
footnotes in it.  Any version would do.  Anyone want to think about 
making it so?

God bless,

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