[sword-devel] GerNeUe push to default repo

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Dec 17 11:57:10 MST 2009

Chris Little wrote:
> I'm just finishing up with semester finals and still need to write a
> quick ca. 10 page paper. After that, I can resume work on Sword stuff.
> My current agenda is:
> 1) Address a couple of usfm2osis.pl issues that Peter has submitted


> 2) Attend to John Duffy's Irish text
> 3) Convert/post the two Bibles that David recently got permission for
> 4) Look at German and French v11ns

> I don't suspect that 1-3 will take too long, so I hope to do this all on
> Saturday. However, item 4 might always be more difficult than I am
> expecting. Nevertheless, I would expect it to make it into 1.6.1, since
> it sounds like there are a few days' worth of outstanding issues there.
> I'm curious to know, though, whether we will need one or two v11ns for
> Luther-type Bibles. I have two printed German Bibles, a 1984 Lutherbibel
> and a Catholic translation. Both contain deuterocanonical books. Are
> printed Bibles without the deuterocanonical books common in Germany?

The vast majority of Protestant Bibles will not come along with
deuterocanonical stuff. Many people will not even be aware of the
existence of this.

It looks to me that we have (at least) three traditions in Germany and

Darby like Bibles (Elberfelder) -> KJV should cover that.

Luther etc (includes lots of French).


I am not sure where Geneve Bibles will find their place in this or
whether they have again a different way.

Most of the differences are as usual in Pentateuch and small prophets


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