[sword-devel] configure.ac defaults

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 05:54:10 MST 2009

As Jonathan says above, -Wall and -Werror should be enabled for
non-debug builds as well. Although current packages in most distros
are currently exempt from conforming to some standards, it wouldn't
surprise me at all if these standards were made retroactive to
existing packages at some point. Just changing our name from
Gnomesword to Xiphos caused us to undergo more strict rules for
Fedora, as Karl has mentioned.

gcc/g++ has gotten quite a bit more strict by default with 4.4. In
general, the trend in g++ and in the distros is to be more strict.
Delaying changes now because they seem unreasonable only seems to be
delaying the inevitable. Although there haven't been any problems in
this regard that I know of, I know that other compilers are often more
strict than gcc is. I found this out when attempting to compile Xiphos
with Visual Studio....


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