[sword-devel] TNT Beta Module

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 17:14:10 MST 2009

> consistency.  Are you going to release a portable version of Xiphos?

It hasn't been a priority for us, and still isn't. Until now, it was
virtually impossible because of some of the libraries we were using.
It should get easier in the future. To be honest, though, we've sort
of aimed (successfully or not) at being "feature-rich", more than
portable. For instance, we include fonts with our installer, just so
original language texts look good, and we also include a font that has
virtually complete Unicode coverage so our users (hopefully) will
never encounter boxes rather than text. Speaking as the person who
does most of the work for Xiphos on Windows, that sort of thing
remains more of a priority to me than portability.


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