[sword-devel] Font problem in conf file

johnduffy at cgcf.net johnduffy at cgcf.net
Wed Dec 2 12:36:46 MST 2009

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> I don't know why it is not showing up. It should.
> It should properly handle UTF-8 encoded confs. 

The Net Bible title doesn't show up properly either in BibleCS, so it could
be possible that it is an issue with the rendering of the text there.  Since
the suggestion below didn't work, I'll leave it as is for the minute.

> If the file is UTF-8, the conf should be also. Otherwise it 
> should be cp1252.

Both are UTF-8

> As a work around for the problem with About (or any other 
> field that allows RTF), try using RTF escape codes for those 
> characters.

That sounded promising, but while in BibleCS it worked for the 'About' text
(sort of, with \'A1 returning a different character than expected from an
extended ASCII table, but with the general idea in place), it didn't work
for the 'Description' text, which appears when hovering over the module name
tab.  It also doesn't work in Xiphos for either.  

John Duffy

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