[sword-devel] Synodal versification problem

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue Dec 1 15:05:26 MST 2009

i am trying to create a module at the moment in Belarussian which should
be using Synodal versification.

It appears that the Synodal versification is somehow broken.

I have tried to create the module several times on separate machines.
All use sword svn-head, newest usfm2osis.pl and have a bunch of
validating OSIS files without obvious problems.

I tried both the route of creating the module out of a single large osis
file and via augmentation from individual files (file/book)

The result is always identical:

The index is grossly messed up with texts from Hiob populating Psalms,
text from second Corinthians populating Phillipians, headlines being
incorporated into verses and verse text being put into headlines.

This result is in xiphos and in diatheke.

I then tried to create out of the same files a module with standard KJV
versififcation. Apart from the plethora of reversifications necessary I
got a working and seemingly correct module.

I had a (probably too cursory) look at canon_synodal.h but can not find
anything obviously wrong.

Similarly, I can find little wrong with my files.

Suggestions, ideas?



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