[sword-devel] FFe application for sword being considered, and patches split out

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 10:42:34 MST 2009

> 0.9.23 is "unstable" and is over 13 months old.  0.9.21b is the latest
> stable, and even that dates back to October of last year.  Judging
> from the last two commits on their project page, they're in a
> refactoring stage - no idea how long that is expected to last.  Since
> 0.9.21b post-dates 0.9.23 - is the bug fixed in 0.9.21b?

Stable releases haven't been very forthcoming. No, the bug is *not*
fixed in 0.9.21b, as that is what I've been using for testing, both on
linux and Windows. I may package 0.9.23 for Windows, but the linux
distros aren't going to move to 0.9.23 until it's regarded as stable.
Because of that, 0.9.23 may have serious regressions that no one is
testing, which is why I haven't moved to it for Windows at this point.


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