[sword-devel] FFe application for sword being considered, and patches split out

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sun Aug 30 20:17:05 MST 2009

I have split out three specific patches from Matthew's single larger
patch, and tested what happens when I incorporate them in our sword
packages.  They all test out fine for me.  Each one fixes a clearly
present bug in the current packaged code.

The three patch files are available for download at:


Although they were made against the sword 1.6.0 tarball code by quilt,
they apply cleanly against SWORD svn head (use patch -p1 <filename.diff
to apply them by hand).  I'd be happy to see them accepted into the
official SWORD codebase.

I did this work because I'm seriously thinking about trying for an FFe,
so we can get these, plus a packaging change to re-enable module
encryption and decryption (!), into Karmic.

Anyone with objections, or anyone with suggested additional bugfixes
that should go into such a package update, please speak up.


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