[sword-devel] sword-devel Digest, Vol 65, Issue 32 Simplified Chinese text problem

Yiguang Hu yighu at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 26 08:49:57 MST 2009

Regarding the simplified Chinese union version wording problem, I suspect it was caused by the software that was used to convert Traditional Chinese into Simplified Chinese using automated conversion. The word "have有" in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese should be the same. But it seems the conversion software took the traditional word "have有" and converted to a word which is very close to word "有冇" except that it missed two "-" in the middle of that word. Many people(Even people from China) would read that strange looking word "冇"as "have有" without problem not realizing it means "none无" actually. We don't use that word in mainland China much. There is a commonly recogzined Chinese Word "none无" which is very different from the above variotion of  "have有" to "冇".

The solution is to replace that word globaled and rebuild sword module and redeploy it and should not cause problem. I mean in the text the word "冇" actually means "有". Any place that means "None 无" should have used word "无" instead of "冇".

I would love to help fix it since I am struggling with that problem on my gsword site. But I don't have the original source file. I have my version of that file on my other site at ccim and I could try to generate the sword module with that. But I would love either original contributor of the module to correct the problem or give me the original file and I correct it or compare with the version I have. My version of the text does not have this problem.


> Can someone volunteer to see how bad the problem is? And if
> it can be 
> readily fixed?
> Here are the reports:
> hello,
> There is a serious mistake in the Chinese Bible text the
> ChiUns module.
> Every "has" is "hasn't" and every "is" is "isn't".
> for example Genesis chapter 1 verse 3
> ? ? : ? ? ? , ? ? ? ? ?
> It means "God said, Let there isn't light: and there wasn't
> light.
> The "?(is not)" should be "?(is)".
> I hope you can correct it.
> God bless
> Also:
> Hi there,
> --Sorry,my english is not very well.--
> in Bible Texts-*ChiUns(*  Chinese Union Version
> Simplified )( Language: zh download here:http://www.crosswire.org/sword/modules/ModDisp.jsp?modType=Bibles)
> Script:all chinese word:*?*(means have),has been
> displayed:*?*(means none,doesn't have).
> thank you for your attention .
> Emmanuel !
> In Christ's Service,
>      DM Smith
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