[sword-devel] using encryption with current osis2mod (r2435

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Aug 25 02:42:34 MST 2009

Jonathan Marsden wrote:
> Tim Chase wrote:
>> Peter picked off my post to the module making forum.  Here are the
>> steps that I went through for module creation on the windows platform
>> where the osis2mod with cipher key does not produce an encrypted
>> module.  Running on windows..
> Thanks for the detailed info.
> I'm not usually up for Windows-specific troubleshooting/bugfixing "for
> fun", I end up doing more than enough of that for work :)
> However, Chris Little already seems to have zeroed in on the issue,
> saying (about 24 hours ago):
>> I suspect this is a problem specific to the Win32 VC++ builds, due to
>> the old US export restriction code. I probably won't have a fix
>> until tomorrow.
> so you may see a fix pretty soon, since from that reference point, it is
> already "tomorrow" :)
> Jonathan

Actually, I'm pretty well dumbfounded now.

I can't get the cipher to work anywhere that I've tried. It should be 
the case that if USBINARY is defined during the library build, it will 
enable the ciphering/deciphering code. If USBINARY is not defined, 
trying to do a cipher/decipher will just give you back the same text as 
you supplied.

I tried adding USBINARY to the VC++ project, but that had no effect. I 
tried the BCB5 binaries from an older version (these have always had 
USBINARY defined), and I found that it was also failing to cipher. So I 
tried compiling svnhead in Ubuntu and found it to produce exactly the 
same result.

I'm not sure how Jonathan is getting a positive result. I don't believe 
any significant changes to the cipher stuff were made between 2400 and 
head of osis2mod. So the different behavior reported between 2400 and 
2435 is surprising.

Anyway, that's all to say that I couldn't figure out what is wrong in 
the 1.5 hours I had to dedicate to the issue today. Additional reports 
of osis2mod working or not working with ciphering would probably be helpful.


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