[sword-devel] using encryption with current osis2mod (r2435

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Mon Aug 24 21:02:23 MST 2009

Tim Chase wrote:

> Peter picked off my post to the module making forum.  Here are the
> steps that I went through for module creation on the windows platform
> where the osis2mod with cipher key does not produce an encrypted
> module.  Running on windows..

Thanks for the detailed info.

I'm not usually up for Windows-specific troubleshooting/bugfixing "for
fun", I end up doing more than enough of that for work :)

However, Chris Little already seems to have zeroed in on the issue,
saying (about 24 hours ago):

> I suspect this is a problem specific to the Win32 VC++ builds, due to
> the old US export restriction code. I probably won't have a fix
> until tomorrow.

so you may see a fix pretty soon, since from that reference point, it is
already "tomorrow" :)


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