[sword-devel] RSV/NRSV: Nope.

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at web.de
Sun Aug 23 08:54:12 MST 2009

Am 23.08.2009 um 00:38 schrieb Karl Kleinpaste:

> On 15 July, someone posted some info to sword-support about asking for
> use of RSV/NRSV.  So I put together a rather careful, formal, gracious
> note, answering all their questions and seeking to have RSV/NRSV made
> available to be turned into modules.
> About half an hour ago, I finally got a response.  The important part:
>> We appreciate your interest in making the RSV/NRSV available as  
>> modules for
>> the Sword Project.  However, at this time, we do not authorize any  
>> open
>> source uses of the RSV/NRSV.  God's blessings on your ministry.
> I have to say that I am sick to death of the bias against quality
> software that just happens not to be controlled by either some large
> corporation or some small-minded individual.
> Anyhow, I followed up with a couple paragraphs of further inquiry as  
> to
> the source of the policy, explaining a few obvious sample uses of open
> source software that everybody in the world uses, and asking for the
> opportunity to discuss the matter with those in charge of the policy.
> If folks were to pray for a change of heart with these folks, it
> wouldn't hurt.  Otherwise, I don't have even a little hope for  
> success.

I would also be interested what really the reasons are, what fear it  
is they have against open source.


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