[sword-devel] Branching subversion and logging (technical questions!)

Famile von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Aug 2 14:39:48 MST 2009

I think Chris you would be positively surprised in terms what can be
contained in a swored module.

A lot (the majority?) of what our software offers is not utilised by our
modules so far - but it is all there.

The stuff you describe looks like a mixture of dictionary and commentary
modules, cross referencing each other and beyond. Please look at the
full gamut of OSIS, ThML and the subset of TEI which we provide for.

Chris Burrell wrote:

>     We will be needing various databases for STEP. Eg the History
>     module will need a database with fields such as Date, span,
>     Person/Event name, Scripture refs, notes, flags for accuracy of
>     dating, type of person/event etc.

>     The Geography module  database will need fields such as Places,
>     co-ordinates, notes etc. 
lexicon module fits here.

>     The Languages module will include a database of Greek texts, with
>     bibliography of Greek and English eds, parameters for the limits
>     of references, number of levels used for divisions (eg
>     books/chaps/verses), the total number of chapters etc.  In other
>     words, we'll need something fairly flexible.
I hope that Troy + Chris get soon involved in this discussion.

>     It sounds like the database in Sword/JSword is fairly constrained
>     in the formats of data it is ready for - that is, the database is
>     designed for containing large texts and for searching them
>     quickly, which is very useful.
I think this is a wrong understanding caued largely by the relatively
flat material we so far have

>     But it may not be suitable for providing all the fields we need,
>     such as dates and co-ordinates.
>     Part of the programme also, is to integrate the biblical texts
>     with Google Maps/Google Earth
>     Perseus, and other online sources of information. 
Most of this should either already or with relatively small changes to
xiphos fit into xiphos

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