[sword-devel] osis2mod output (Bisaya-Inunhan NT)

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Apr 29 16:45:16 MST 2009

Jonathan Marsden wrote:
> DM Smith wrote:
>> No it is not a translator's error. It is correct.
>>> If not, what versification schemes do have that verse, but are 
>>> otherwise compatible with KJV versification?
>> AFAICT, this differs from the KJV in having 3 John 1:15 and Revelation 
>> 12:18.
> Thanks.  You definitely win the prize for providing me the most exactly 
> correct answer so far :)

How many verses do you have in Acts 19? 40 or 41?

How many verses do you have in 2Cor 13? 13 or 14?

If 41 and 13, respectively, this is NRSV v11n. If 40 and 13, it's GNT. 
If something else, I haven't yet identified the v11n.

>> The OSIS manual gives the NRSVA as the standard (it is NRSV "with 
>> Apocrypha"). Here is our copy of it:
>> http://crosswire.org/svn/sword-tools/trunk/versification/Bible.NRSVA.xml
> OK.  Good.  Although that leads to: why doesn't SWORD use NRSV(A) as its 
> default, just as OSIS does, so that things match up naturally for OSIS 
> input files, which are the officially "best" way to get stuff into SWORD 
> nowadays?

Because Sword predates OSIS by many years, and we don't take lightly the 
idea of breaking compatibility with EVERY existing module.

> Further, shouldn't osis2mod check what versification the input XML 
> specifies (or fails to specify and so implies), and then emit a warning 
> (or even just fail??) if that versification system is one that SWORD 
> does not know about? (Yet another osis2mod enhancement request from me!)
> Similarly, since one can specify a versification system inside the OSIS 
> XML file, why does osis2mod need a -v switch to select a versification 
> system?  Can't it just use the one specified in the XML input (and 
> default to the OSIS default, if one is not specified in the OSIS XML)?

There's no guarantee that 3rd parties will identify reference systems in 
the same way as we do. There's no requirement from OSIS that reference 
systems conform to some standard set. And we don't want to prevent 
people importing data that does not conform to one of our explicitly 
supported v11n systems.

If DM wants to add the capability to osis2mod to catch the ref system 
declaration and understand Bible.(KJV|Leningrad|Tanakh|NRSVA|...), 
that's fine, but we definitely need to allow explicit overrides via a 
switch as we currently have.


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