[sword-devel] Release-critical TODO items (update 2009-04-29)

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Wed Apr 29 09:38:30 MST 2009

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:

> It's been a hard decision, but I've held back on another RC as we've
> still been getting patch submissions for RC2.  Can't very well
> justify calling something Release Candidate 3 until patch submission
> start dying down.  That's my reasoning for the wait, anyway.

I think that's reasonable; you can, of course, always defer applying or 
committing some of the new patches until 1.6.1, if they are not fixing a 
release-critical issue.  You might *have* to start doing this if you 
want to get 1.6 out soon -- a call it a result of being blessed by 
having so many people submit patches :)

At the moment you are getting all patch submissions for SWORD svn head. 
  That's the only place to apply patches.  Svn head is also "RC2" 
because no branch was made for the 1.6 release.  IMO, branching off just 
before a release can be helpful, so that larger changes can keep on 
going into head (for 1.6.1) while what goes into 1.6.0 after the first 
RC can be carefully scrutinized.  Without the ability to commit changes 
to two different branches like that, there is really no way to easily 
distinguish a patch submitted (or a change committed) "for RC2" vs "for 
a future release of SWORD, which could be 1.6.1 or later".  As a result, 
I think, you are effectively treating all patches as being for RC2, and 
so seeing a need to delay RC3...

Opinion: I'd say that applying small fixes now is probably still just 
about OK; I was a bit surprised by the fairly extensive changes to 
osis2mod from DM, because to me that looked more like an enhancement, a 
"philosophy change" in the way osis2mod does things... but maybe it too 
was fixing a release critical issue that I just don't know about.

>> 1) osis2mod link bug (DM)

I think this is in, as part of the changes DM committed.

>> 2) mod2osis does not generate valid OSIS output

Not yet done, but may well not be deemed release critical.  I spent 
Monday night on creating my first cut of a Bisaya-Inunhan NT SWORD 
module rather than on this (it worked, I can read it in BibleTime :) ), 
and Tuesday evenings are full of church-related activity for me.

>> 3) SWIG issues and related segfaults (Ben)

Sounds like this has been cleared up now?

>> 4) locale fixups

Done.  Would be good to add the test used to find this to the testsuite.

>> 5) Does it build OK under mingw?

Did someone already confirm or deny this?

>> 6) New v11ns (but they'd need code changes, and so a new RC, I think)

Not absolutely necessary for 1.6, and (as far as I can tell) would need 
code changes, so we either need them in Real Soon Now, or (IMO 
better/safer) we should delay them for 1.6.1.  But that's not my call :)

>> Is it worth creating a wiki page for the 1.6 TODO list?

No-one replied to this, so we are apparently doing informal release 
issue tracking and management in email... is that really optimal?

Revised SWORD 1.6 TODO List 2009-04-29:

(1) mod2osis does not generate valid OSIS output (not release critical?)
(2) Does it build OK under mingw?
(3) New v11ns (but they'd need code changes, and so a new RC, I think)


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