[sword-devel] Release-critical TODO items

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Apr 29 00:35:40 MST 2009

Yeah yeah.  I know I know.  It's been a hard decision, but I've held 
back on another RC as we've still been getting patch submissions for 
RC2.  Can't very well justify calling something Release Candidate 3 
until patch submission start dying down.  That's my reasoning for the 
wait, anyway.  But things have been quiet for a number of hours, so I'm 


Jonathan Marsden wrote:
> Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>>> Is there is list of all known release-critical bugs and TODO items
>>> somewhere?
>> No, the bugtracker is clean now for critical 1.6.x changes, as far as I
>> know (right?).  We're only fixing feedback we get on the RCs now.
>> The only outstanding issue of which I know is the link bug DM is working
>> on with osis2mod, ...
> TODO list as I see it so far:
> 1) osis2mod link bug (DM)
> 2) mod2osis does not generate valid OSIS output
> 3) SWIG issues and related segfaults (Ben)
> 4) locale fixups
> 5) Does it build OK under mingw?
> 6) New v11ns (but they'd need code changes, and so a new RC, I think)
> Is it worth creating a wiki page for the 1.6 TODO list?
> Jonathan
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