[sword-devel] Library Doxygen documentation

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sun Apr 26 12:56:44 MST 2009

Jonathan Morgan wrote:

> Similarly, the API Primer linked from there is no longer available (I
> can get it from Google cache, but it has apparently gone, and Google
> didn't seem to find it elsewhere).  Not sure whether the link should
> be removed or the primer should be rehosted and maybe updated
> (possibly on the Wiki, which is intended to be more of a developers
> area?).

It's back; I think there was a problem with the CrossWire web server
earlier which made several pages unavailable.  For me, now,
http://crosswire.org/sword/develop/swordapi/apiprimer.jsp works fine.

> The BibleCS page also doesn't seem available.  

Same issue; works for me now :)

> Xiphos should probably link directly to http://xiphos.org, which is
> where it redirects to.

True; it works either way but it would be better to change the URL.


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