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Sat Apr 18 22:03:45 MST 2009

and return all of the results for that. Then they want to do a search
for G1401 and return all of the results for that. If the engine
doesn't allow this (which it hasn't until this change), then from the
user's perspective, it's a bug. Now you're saying that it will be
slower to do the correct thing in this case. From the user's
perspective again, making something slower to do the correct thing
(which used to work just fine and does for other modules) is a bad
thing. Now we have to make all of the searches slower just so we can
be sure of getting correct results in KJV. Again, this indicates to
the user that there is a design flaw. I never intended to attack your
justifications for doing things this way, nor did I attempt to tell
you that the technical design was bad. It's just that if a new method
of doing things causes a regression, and doing it correctly is much
slower, then from the user's perspective a bad decision was made.

My complaint is two-fold. First of all, I have to introduce another
ifdef for this. Secondly, the searches will be slower (they are
already excruciatingly slow in some circumstances on some platforms).
In addition, "doing the right thing by default" would solve this
problem for other frontends, eg diatheke. It wasn't my intention to
complain about "adding a '.'".

I hope you can see how this is a problem for the average user who just
wants searches to return reasonable results. Explaining to a user that
this is a feature rather than a bug is a difficult thing to do.


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