[sword-devel] crosswire.org web site trouble?

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sat Apr 25 19:34:23 MST 2009

I'm getting "resource unavailable" on a lot of pages at CrossWire,
including much of the Doxygen tree... did the CrossWire web site / web
server just get itself into a non-working state (again)?

Greg Hellings wrote:

> As always, you're more than welcome to have a copy of the
> Doxyfile to generate them yourself, and I'd think it should be
> something that would be incorporated with the library.

Is the Doxyfile on the web site also?  Or FTPable?  If not, please email
it to me, or otherwise make it available.  It might be good to have the
packaging system generate these docs and create a sword-doc package.
Please make sure it contains an appropriate copyright and licence
statement :)



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