[sword-devel] SWORD 1.6.0RC2

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Wed Apr 22 06:00:46 MST 2009

On Apr 22, 2009, at 8:52 AM, DM Smith wrote:

> On Apr 22, 2009, at 8:13 AM, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>> is available at:
>> http://www.crosswire.org/sword/ALPHAcckswwlkrfre22034820285912/alpha/sword-1.6.0RC2.tar.gz
>> As well as a win32 binary in InstallManager.exe which exposes the  
>> new 1.6.x installer functionality.
>> http://www.crosswire.org/sword/ALPHAcckswwlkrfre22034820285912/alpha/InstallManager-1.6.0RC2.zip
>> Extra special thanks to everyone who gave wonderful feedback about  
>> the last RC package, and all who submitted patches.
>> My sincere apologies if I missed something you sent me.  Please let  
>> me know.
> I am getting the following error in building from trunk at HEAD. Is  
> there a particular revision I should be using?
> installmgr.cpp: In function ‘void syncConfig()’:
> installmgr.cpp:146: error: ‘class sword::InstallMgr’ has no member  
> named ‘setUserDisclaimerConfirmed’
> installmgr.cpp: In function ‘void refreshRemoteSource(const char*)’:
> installmgr.cpp:203: error: ‘class sword::InstallMgr’ has no member  
> named ‘setUserDisclaimerConfirmed’
> installmgr.cpp: In function ‘void remoteInstallModule(const char*,  
> const char*)’:
> installmgr.cpp:267: error: ‘class sword::InstallMgr’ has no member  
> named ‘setUserDisclaimerConfirmed’

Never mind on that. Between when I started this morning and now there  
have been two checkins. I updated and get a clean compile.

But on running autogen.sh I get the following:
[dmsmith at www sword]$ ./autogen.sh
*** Sword build system generation
*** Recreating libtool
*** Recreating aclocal.m4
*** Recreating configure
*** Recreating the Makefile.in files
tests/Makefile.am:59: variable `arabicfiltertest_SOURCES' is defined  
but no program or
tests/Makefile.am:59: library has `arabicfiltertest' as canonic name  
(possible typo)

I don't know autogen, so I can't help there.

-- DM

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