[sword-devel] IRC access using "web only" network access (Was: Re: iPhone developers?)

Ian Wagner iwagn973 at students.bju.edu
Mon Apr 20 14:50:43 MST 2009

I am well aware of the ways around it. I just don't feel like using  
them. My school is extremely... well... over-reactive when you get  
around restrictions they have in place. One of their restrictions is  
"chat" sites (including but not limited to IRC gateways). If it isn't  
blocked by the filter, it will be soon :) I just feel like being a  
good boy right now I guess.

May the source be with you

On Apr 20, 2009, at 5:06 PM, Jonathan Marsden wrote:

> Ian Wagner wrote:
>> Unfortunately I will not be able to chat on #sword until after I am  
>> done with school (May 9th) because of the said network access  
>> restrictions on-campus :(
> I was a C.S. student once (more than two decades ago!)... I'd say  
> you're not being very creative about overcoming your network  
> restrictions :) There are several free web IRC gateways you can use  
> in "web only" situations.  For example, browse to
> http://embed.mibbit.com/?server=irc.freenode.net&channel=%23sword&forcePrompt=true
> and after a mild delay, enter a nick and click Connect, and you  
> should be on #sword :)
> Actually, there is a link called "chat" on the http://www.crosswire.org 
>  home page, which uses mibbit to do this, under "Do you need help?"  
> -- doesn't that work for you?
> If not, and you want to chat on #sword before May 9th, say so, and  
> I'll set up a copy of CGI:IRC somewhere for you to use :)
> Jonathan
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