[sword-devel] IRC access using "web only" network access (Was: Re: iPhone developers?)

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Mon Apr 20 14:06:36 MST 2009

Ian Wagner wrote:

> Unfortunately I will not be able to chat on #sword until after I am done 
> with school (May 9th) because of the said network access restrictions 
> on-campus :(

I was a C.S. student once (more than two decades ago!)... I'd say you're 
not being very creative about overcoming your network restrictions :) 
There are several free web IRC gateways you can use in "web only" 
situations.  For example, browse to


and after a mild delay, enter a nick and click Connect, and you should 
be on #sword :)

Actually, there is a link called "chat" on the http://www.crosswire.org 
home page, which uses mibbit to do this, under "Do you need help?" -- 
doesn't that work for you?

If not, and you want to chat on #sword before May 9th, say so, and I'll 
set up a copy of CGI:IRC somewhere for you to use :)


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