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David Trotz dtrotzjr at crosswire.org
Sun Apr 19 17:49:14 MST 2009


After fighting with Windows on my cell phone for the past year and a half, I
have decided to jump ship and go to an iPhone. It was getting to the point
where I just could not use my phone as a phone without rebooting my phone
daily sometimes more often. The touch screen is not as responsive as it
should be and everything was just slow to come up. I have watched iPhone
users for a few months and noticed how responsive the UI is as well as the
touch screen. 


As a result my work on SwordReader will be ending soon. I am hoping to get
to a 1.0 release before I move on but honestly I can't say I have much of an
incentive to do so. I have only seen a handful of interested people on the
Windows Mobile side of things and that makes it harder to work on
SwordReader when people just are not interested in the product. Also
volunteers come and go and as a result I end up working solo. 


It is my hope that someone else may take the reigns of the SwordReader app
and make it into something more. My contract on my SCH-i760 ends in
November, at which point I may donate my device to any active SwordReader


Also, we have a single user license for Entrek's Code Snitch, a memory and
resource leak detector for Windows Mobile. If there are any takers on the
SwordReader development I will gladly transfer the license over to them, but
I do want to be sure this individual is serious about taking on the
SwordReader development.


As far as the website. I will keep it up. I may try to get it transferred
over to crosswire.org's servers if Troy is ok with that otherwise I will
keep paying for it for the next year and if SwordReader does not progress at
all by then I will take it down. 


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. 


In Christ,

David Trotz

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