[sword-devel] osis cross reference filters patch

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Tue Apr 14 13:19:19 MST 2009

Matthew Talbert wrote:
>> This is where Crossway, the publisher, put them.
>> Note, it might be tied to the following phrase, not the word. So
>> programmatically moving them is not a good idea.
> I assumed it would be fine, as this is what the RTF filters already
> do. In BibleCS, the ESV cross-refs are one space away from the words
> that they refer to, so it isn't exactly clear whether the cross-refs
> refer to the word in front or behind. So if we can't have this patched
> on the principle that we shouldn't be "moving" them, the RTF filters
> should be changed as well.

By moving them, I didn't mean that a space should not be introduced 
after it. I meant that it should not be moved to follow the word that it 
is in front of.

BTW, the ESV and a couple of other modules provide the n attribute for 
the publisher provided marker. I think that SWORD should be changed to 
use it instead of *x and *n when it is present.

With the html filters, how about putting the marker in a <span>*x</span> 
to be able to grab it?

In Him,

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