[sword-devel] Sword build under mingw

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Tue Apr 14 04:19:28 MST 2009

Hi Matthew ......

Matthew Talbert wrote:
> it outputs everything that curl was built with on linux. What you need
> to do is modify curl-config it so that it outputs only the following:> 
> -lcurl -lz

That, together with omitting ICU worked Ok.  The resulting library 
installed and works OK.  I had to hack in the reference to the regex 
library - that seemed to have disappeared in the process, but if you're 
working hard at documenting the whole mingw process, I'm going to leave 
finetuning, knowing that 'make' will re-build Xiphos linked with sword in my present environment.

Thanks for all your help getting this working.

I have made myself some good notes so I could set up from scratche 
another time.  I've also made a diff of my hacks to the automake 
headers, and I've saved separately a copy of my hacked curl-config which 
now forces -lregex as well as -lcurl and -lz

I still need to replace all refs in the makefiles to /usr/local/ with 
/dev/ but that only takes seconds, so I'm not going to waste time 
sorting it.

God bless,

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