[sword-devel] Sword build under mingw

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 14:34:52 MST 2009

> Following this dialogue has been interesting :)
> It seems to me that a wiki page documenting step by step how to build SWORD
> under mingw, starting with a freshly installed Windows XP system, might be
> worthwhile?

There is a page here:

I wrote most of this when I initially compiled GnomeSword (now Xiphos)
for Windows. At the time, I knew nothing about autotools or msys or
MinGW (or a lot of other things). Therefore, the page currently is
more of a historical guide than anything that I'd really recommend to
be followed. I am currently working on creating a better methodology
for setting up MSYS/MinGW and compiling Xiphos (and its dependencies,
including SWORD). Once this is set up, I will write better
documentation, and also attempt to solve some of the last nagging
autotools issues.

Also, there might be some interest in using cmake or some other build
system, which would probably be quite a bit easier and more reliable
to use than autotools on Windows.


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