[sword-devel] Sword build under mingw

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 14:13:46 MST 2009

> Thanks.  That got me a lot further.  There is no problem with curl now, and
> without ICU, it mostly builds.  I get the sword libraries, but the one
> dependency I haven't filled as yet is the gnome crypto library. It's getting
> late here, so I'm putting it on hold for now.

I believe your problems still have to do with curl.

sword has no dependency on the gnome crypto library. When you run this command:

curl-config --libs

it outputs everything that curl was built with on linux. What you need
to do is modify curl-config it so that it outputs only the following:

-lcurl -lz

All of the other stuff is unnecessary. After the changes, you will
have to run usrinstall.sh again


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