[sword-devel] Sword build under mingw

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 11:42:33 MST 2009

> I am still using your environment - but there wasn't a curl-config there.

hmm, that's odd.

>  However, once I knew what it was, I copied the one from my Linux box and
> hacked that until I got it to work.  But even so, after a huge amount of
> hacking the makefiles to get them to find the headers; all of which seemsed
> to be in places that configure said they weren't.  After all that, I finally
> got this error:

The problem with copying from linux (sorry, I should have warned you)
is that the output won't match what you actually need for Windows. It
attempts to link all sorts of libraries that aren't needed for our
approach. I have hacked the makefiles myself, but a better approach is
to hack curl-config. At any rate, I should have a better environment
soon, including the libcurl I built myself (and therefore a correct

> ../src/modules/filters/utf8transliterator.cpp:98: error: `C' was not
> declared in this scope
> ../src/modules/filters/utf8transliterator.cpp:98: error: expected `,' or `;'
> before ':' token
> make[1]: *** [utf8transliterator.lo] Error 1
> I don't understand this one - or why it doesn't show under Linux.

This has to do with ICU. I believe there is still a problem with the
autotools system where it is pulling in ICU stuff when it shouldn't
be. Having said that, you should be sure that in usrinst.sh you have
ICU disabled, then run it again, then build.


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