[sword-devel] leningrad, av11n, xiphos

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 11:43:33 MST 2009

A big thank you to whoever put up the Leningrad module for testing.

After a few minutes of testing, it is obvious that Xiphos has a long
way to go to support av11n. It is impossible at this point to even
determine whether there are any problems in sword in this regards,
because we are clearly assuming in way too many places that we are
using KJV versification. Just a few of the problems we have:

1. Book dropdowns do not show books in correct order.
2. Book dropdowns show books that aren't actually present.
3. Treeview navigation has the same problems
4. It is impossible to navigate to a verse that doesn't exist in KJV,
even though they show up correctly in the chapter view (eg, Mal 3:24
actually goes to 1 Chronicles, but our navigation says it is in Mal
4:6; quite confusing)

I'm no expert at how this stuff is implemented in sword or Xiphos, but
it is apparent that we have some issues.


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