[sword-devel] my status / SWORD release

Eeli Kaikkonen eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi
Fri Apr 10 23:52:58 MST 2009

Jonathan Marsden wrote:
> One helpful way to encourage such testing would be to tag the current 
> svn head as (say) 1.6.rc1, and then publish a tarball of that code, 
> making it available by FTP from your site.  Is this something you would 
> consider doing?
> This approach allows packagers to package and then test that release 
> candidate, and report back on results, more easily than working directly 
> from SVN, because others may generate tarballs slightly differently from 
> how the SWORD devel team does, etc.
> It would be conventional to do alpha and then beta releases like this 
> (svn tag, then create and publish a tarball of the tagged snapshot), and 
> then do an rc1, but if the general consensus is that the SWORD svn tree 
> is "ready for a release", then going straight to rc1 might be appropriate.

It would help me to test the library if alpha/beta/rc was packaged for 
Ubuntu and available in some testing repository. That way I could 
automatically install it and test it without any extra work, and both 
packagers and library developers could get immediate feedback. Now I 
don't have time to do the download/build cycle - if anything goes wrong, 
it's too much, and even a successful attempt has a learning curve.

If the library is packaged and tested like this, it requires a 
standardized release cycle with certain minimum time for packaging and 
testing the alpha/beta/rc.

--Eeli Kaikkonen

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