[sword-devel] my status / SWORD release

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Apr 2 13:04:42 MST 2009

Hey guys.  Many of you know I've been stranded in Italy after being 
refused entrance back into the UK after attending a short conference in 
Pisa on March 10.  I've finally received the response from the UK 
Embassy in Rome to my visa application: "Refused".  So, I have a flight 
home from Rome to Phoenix booked for tomorrow morning with a layover in 
New York Friday night.

All this to say, I want to thank Ben Morgan for keeping the patches 
coming to move development forward while I've been away.

With the exception of one final set of patches to iron out, his project 
is happy with the state of the engine for a new release.

Working with many of the other major frontends over the past couple 
months, I know they at least compile and run with SVN head.

I would like to hear feedback from all projects about the current state 
of SVN.

Are we ready to start a stable 1.6.0 branch?

This would mean we expect to add no changes to the signatures of the API 
in this thread, thus basically, no new 'feature'.

This would mean we could still add versification schemes using the 
'canon.h' method which is complete in svn trunk.  GenBook Bible support 
would be completed (if we still feel the need to continue with this 
direction) in 1.7.x.  Filters could still be improved to better handle 
markup tags.

I would like to add the <div x-preverse> support before release (DM 
knows what I'm talking about).

But other than what is mentioned in this email, I'm not aware of any 
outstanding issues.

Please speak up.  When I arrive home this weekend, I hope to get things 
wrapped up and a release out in time for the BPBible team to release 
their app early next week.


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