[sword-devel] Biblemapper (on Wine Application Database)

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Sep 27 11:01:48 MST 2008

Discussing a few days ago the issue of lack of adequate maps the
suggestion of Biblemapper was thrown in. I have looked at the
application and so far thinks it is great. It could make immediate use
of the data on Bibleinfo and could be a fantastic way to a set of
consistent and fully internationalised maps. Which we could distribute
as we liked. Trouble is it does not run on Wine/Linux. At all.

I have therefore submitted it to the Wine team for some attention - on
their database. It is accepted. Now it is a matter of how soon someone
of their developers picks it up as a matter of interest and deals with it.

The wine application database works on the basis of votes. Everyone has
three votes which they can allocate as they wish. I have given three
votes to it. With another 6 votes it would be on rank 126 above itunes
and Sid Mayer's Civilisation III. With 12 votes (i.e. 4 of you) it would
be on rank 65 before Age of Empires III and with 32 voters throwing in
their 3 votes each it would reach rank 9 in the overall top 10. being
highly ranked means not a lot in terms of getting thinsg done, but it
certainly will bring the application to some attention. It is a very
useful application and could be put to an enormous range of secular
tasks too.

So. I am not sure where I stand with vote soliciting wrt the wine doss
and dont's, but I would appreciate if you could  consider the matter.



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