[sword-devel] New OSIS chapter/verse checking utility

Steven J. DeRose sderose at acm.org
Mon Sep 15 08:04:18 MST 2008

A Perl tool to check an OSIS Bible to make sure it's got all the 
books/chapters/verses, with correct IDs, in the right order, etc.

It knows about a bunch of canons, Hebrew vs. Greek numbering, TR vs. 
UBS diffs, etc.; but I've only tested it for NT so far.

Can anybody fill me in on who uses Esdras, 3/4 Macc, PrMan, and 
Ps151, by the way? They're not in my Oxford English Bible w/ 

Also any info on verses-per-chapter for books beyond those of the 
Protestant and Roman Catholic Canons would be helpful; having trouble 
finding it online.

I was thinking of adding options to check for correct placement of 
divineName, red-text, and other markup, but I don't have lists handy 
of where such *should* occur, so haven't been able to yet. Anyone 
have such lists, or a heavily-marked-up text I can extract them from?


Of course, let me know if you find bugs/problems/enhancements....


Steve DeRose -- http://www.derose.net, email sderose at acm.org

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