[sword-devel] Flashcards Mobile

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Sep 15 07:52:58 MST 2008

Hey guys.

I'm looking for some cell phone testers, J2ME (most all phones), and 
also someone with an iPhone.

We have recently added a web based dynamic lesson generator for our 
flashcards package.

The way it works, is that the page asks you for a range of Scripture. 
It will then collate and sort all words found in the supplied range and 
create flashcard lessons from these words.

The idea is that when one is having a Greek or Hebrew study group and 
they know they will be reading, say Romans 4-5 next week, they can 
generate vocab for just those chapters and polish their memory during 
the week.  At least that is why I wanted this feature :)

Lessons are produced in 3 formats:

iPhone Micro-Web-Based

Here's the catch.  The generation task is fairly machine intensive, and 
it might not be concurrency-safe.  I am not looking to break things in 
these two ways right now.  Just looking for phone feedback.  SO PLEASE: 
Pick a small Scripture range.  Don't experiment just for fun yet.  I'll 
be working of stability and optimization after things are being produced 

I have no idea how the web-based app will display on any micro-browser. 
  I tried to use small controls.  Right now we're not displaying the 
pre-rendered images for the webapp.  I'd like to see how the iPhone does 
with UTF-8 Greek and Hebrew.  If we need to, we can switch over to the 
pre-rendered images.

Here's the link.  Again, please be kind to our server and be patient for 
any lesson you ask to generate for more than a couple chapters.  It does 
cache requests, so if you ask for the same request, it won't regenerate.

 From your phone:


Appreciate any feedback.


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