[sword-devel] Problematic Module Markup

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 16:39:57 MST 2008

I know some issues have come up in the past with module markups being
hairy and we have been unable to fix this, because we were lacking in
our sources.  Namely: we have a number of modules which come from
various sources and which had some noise -- improper markup,
occasional error, etc -- and since the sources are either unknown,
missing, no longer available, etc, we have no recourse for fixing
them. I now have mod2osis working cleanly enough that I feel good
about its output -- well enough that certain of the errors and bugs
which I observe are also appearing in the output of the standard
diatheke tool in both the modules original formatting as well as in
the OSIS filter output.  To what extent is there a list of known
module bugs, and to what extent will it be possible for us to rectify
those which can be tracked down by exporting to OSIS and re-importing
to SWORD?  After all, that was sort of my thought in fixing up the
mod2osis output.

There still remain a few bugs in the output filters, as well as some
discrepancies between the various plain text filters.  I'm also fixing
those up as they arise, as they're integral to making mod2osis work
properly.  I'm very close on bringing the output into a full-circle,
lossless SWORD->OSIS->SWORD format.


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