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Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 14:16:55 MST 2008


On Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 2:00 PM, Karl Kleinpaste <karl at kleinpaste.org> wrote:

> I am experimenting with building GnomeSword for OpenSolaris.  Sword
> itself is now built, no major shakes but there is neither CLucene nor
> (functional) ICU.  Even so, fine so far.

I don't have OpenSolaris installed yet, but in the server that I use for my
research at school I have installed the pkg-get tool.  Admittedly, it's very
difficult to get my hands on the actual pkg-get script itself, but they seem
to keep the packages themselves relatively up-to-date.  The latest version
of icu that exists for that system on the default CSW package set is 3.6.  I
don't know if that's sufficient for SWORD's requirements, but I think it's
only a minor version behind the latest released package.

> What's got me stuck is that GnomeSword wants to verify presence of a
> bunch of GNOME packages, in the dependency chain for which is a demand
> for /usr/lib/pkgconfig/xrender.pc.  It's not there, and the Solaris
> package manager offers no packages related to "render" that could be
> installed.  "xrender.pc" is the package description for the Xrender xlib
> extension, required by cairo, required by..., up the abstraction chain
> to the general needs of GNOME.

The pkg-get packages from CSW have gnome in them.  Version 2.22 is in the
repository.  If you use the packages from sunfreeware.com, they have most of
the support libraries, and people have requested Gnome be added to the
repository, but they don't have the full Gnome packages.  libxrender is in
both package repositories (by the name of libxrender in the default
repository and by the name of xrender in the sunfreeware.com site), though
if you just use the pkg-get script to directly install Gnome, it should pull
xrender if you need it.  The xrender that is in them is 0.8.3, which they
claim dates from 2004 or so.  But it seems that if Gnome is configured to
run on top of the default desktop instead of on an XServer, then libxrender
won't be part of the dependency tree.  KDE is also available, but it's
version 3.4.x, so the latest version of BibleTime that would work is
probably something out of the previous tree (1.6, I think?).

Note on getting pkg-get... all of the links on Google seem to point to its
original source at csw.bolthole.com, which doesn't exist any more.  You can
now retrieve it at http://www.opencsw.org/ and proceed from there.  Hope
this helps.

As an aside to the original poster - why are you interested in non-Java
clients, when Java is the main thrust behind the Solaris desktop?  If I
recall, it's called the Java Desktop Environment or something like that.
Java clients seem like they'd be ideal for it.


> If someone will help me learn to get around this glitch, I can have GS
> running easily.
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