[sword-devel] iPhone NDA dropped

Eeli Kaikkonen eeli.kaikkonen at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 13:20:50 MST 2008

Greg Hellings wrote:
> I already have the SWORD library building against the iPhone SDK in XCode
> (the command-line building process simply doesn't work).  I can't get
> Eloquent to build for iPhone because of a few missing Cocoa-based headers
> which the iPhone system doesn't have.  I suppose the next step is to go back
> to the drawing board and learn Objective-C and the iPhone SDK's basic
> classes.
> I have a general GUI layout in mind, so hopefully things will go quickly
> once I get the hang of the RAD tools that XCode uses, etc.  They look like
> they should be rather simple, I just have never used any type of RAD/GUI
> designing tools other than manual placement and coding of interfaces.

I updated the FAQ. Please edit if you have something more to tell. We 
should keep it up-to-date.


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