[sword-devel] Filters Patch (RE: Small problem with section headers in an OSIS module)

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 03:33:47 MST 2008

I've been sitting on a number of tiny patches for the filters - mainly
related to making my comparisons easier to automate for mod2osis.cpp,
while I've been fixing that up.  So here are some edits to the

osisplain.cpp and thmlplain.cpp are edited to bring them into line
with the same format as the other *plain filters.
thmlosis.cpp is edited to fix a minor bug that can appear when
converting footnotes in ThML into their OSIS forms (this is crucial to
my fixing of mod2osis to allow Bible modules created in non-OSIS
formats to be dumped into OSIS)
osishtmlhref.cpp is edited to add support for <list> and <item> tags,
as requested in the previous thread.

Hopefully someone else can test the edits, as my SWORD svn tree might
have some unique situations, as I have a few other files which I've
manually patched for my own changes.  However, those aren't related to
filters at all, so it shouldn't make a change.


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