[sword-devel] mucking around with OSIS

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Nov 30 02:22:35 MST 2008

Daniel Owens wrote:
> I opened up osishtmlhref.cpp and it appears to my amateur eye that the 
> reason my encoding of book introductions for the VietNVB (in beta) does 
> not display properly in GnomeSword and BibleTime (haven't checked 
> BibleCS) is that the <list> and <item> elements are not supported by the 
> engine. Where can I request support for these OSIS elements? Does this 
> classify as a bug?

I think it's a "new feature", but yeah.

If you have the ability, the quickest results will come by writing the 
code yourself and sending in a patch. Otherwise, you can request 
attention in the bugtracker: http://www.crosswire.org/bugs, which will 
at least ensure that the issue doesn't get forgotten.

The conversion to HTML is fairly straightforward:
<list>  -->  <ul>
<item>  -->  <li>

If you no one gets to it, I'll probably spend a while working on all of 
the OSIS & TEI filters after my semester is finished in ~2 weeks and 
assuming I can get GnomeSword to compile on Win32 against Sword SVN.


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