[sword-devel] Encoding question regarding modules

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Nov 29 07:33:22 MST 2008

We only want to publish UTF-8 content, and I would probably tag even 
ASCII content as UTF-8 for the simplification of processing since many 
frontends would perform an unnecessary cp1252 to UTF-8 conversion.

If the second paragraph (in context) says that we would accept 
submissions in cp1252, that should probably be changed. If it's just 
expressing an ability to handle cp1252 data for legacy content, it could 
be left alone.


Daniel Owens wrote:
> I am working on the wiki page for the module creation process, and I 
> seem to have stumbled on an internal inconsistency:
> "Note that the SWORD Project requires all submitted texts to be Unicode 
> (UTF-8) encoded documents. We recommend that texts be marked up in OSIS 
> or TEI, but will still accept texts based on CCEL documents that are 
> marked up in ThML."
> Later on:
> "As mentioned above in the conf's Encoding directive, SWORD modules can 
> be encoded either in Windows Codepage 1252 (cp1252) (a superset of ISO 
> 8859-1) or in UTF-8. See Encoding for a complete explanation and 
> definition."
> For the purpose of clearing it up, does CrossWire only except source 
> files encoded in UTF-8 or is cp1252 still acceptable?
> Daniel
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