[sword-devel] Encoding question regarding modules

Daniel Owens dhowens at pmbx.net
Sat Nov 29 07:20:34 MST 2008

I am working on the wiki page for the module creation process, and I 
seem to have stumbled on an internal inconsistency:

"Note that the SWORD Project requires all submitted texts to be Unicode 
(UTF-8) encoded documents. We recommend that texts be marked up in OSIS 
or TEI, but will still accept texts based on CCEL documents that are 
marked up in ThML."

Later on:

"As mentioned above in the conf's Encoding directive, SWORD modules can 
be encoded either in Windows Codepage 1252 (cp1252) (a superset of ISO 
8859-1) or in UTF-8. See Encoding for a complete explanation and 

For the purpose of clearing it up, does CrossWire only except source 
files encoded in UTF-8 or is cp1252 still acceptable?


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