[sword-devel] summary

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Fri Nov 28 20:22:52 MST 2008

Matthew Talbert wrote:
> SVN has been mentioned several times in this conversation as well as
> previous ones. Perhaps you should try searching the archives to see
> what has been said.

It has been mentioned, but there has not been general agreement on the 
point of using SVN. (Feel free to check.)

Individual desires, consensus, etc. aside, there are many practical and 
technical matters pertinent in the issue of hosting content in SVN, 
which you haven't addressed. I've recommended maintaining content in (at 
the time) CVS in the past, but have since come to consider it impractical.

If you feel it is not impractical, your best course would be to 
demonstrate that.

>> The concept also requires buy-in from module developers in order to have
>> their permission to publicly host documents, essentially giving
>> permission to anyone else to modify them and to any other project to use
>> them. Speaking for myself, aside from some educational purposes, which
>> can be achieved by posting a few sample documents, I can't see much
>> reason to buy in.
> Actually, for public domain texts, it does not. Did you read what I said?

The public domain status of a text isn't the only issue. The rights to 
distribute a marked up text are (at least arguably) relevant, depending 
on the copyright status of document internal markup. But regardless of 
legality, it would just be plain rude to accept submissions and post 
them in plaintext, reusable form for all without getting the permission 
of module developers. So, permission is absolutely necessary.


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