[sword-devel] Getting stuff done (Re: External links)

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Nov 26 16:55:58 MST 2008

Chris Little wrote:
> Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
>> Spare us the "they're not *really* ThML" whining.  I don't care that
>> they're specifically ThML.  When I first started producing Sword modules
>> 2 years ago, I was using GBF.
> The issue is you're too lazy to even run tidy on your HTML. 

I guess this exchange shows that this is now as much an exchange about
values and personalities as about technical stuff.

Karl's modules work on BD, Gnomesword and BT (which is where I checked
them). His comments on desire for perfection slowing us down are more
than valid. The shortcomings of his modules are addressable and he is a
lot faster in addressing them then most others.

I do think, Chris, you should really consider carefully what it is you
are trying to achieve and what you are actually achieving. At the moment
you are alienating a lot of people without good cause.


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