[sword-devel] Next Release

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Wed Nov 26 16:48:36 MST 2008

"Troy A. Griffitts" <scribe at crosswire.org> writes:
> May I ask first for some feedback regarding current state of TRUNK?  

I sent you a locale-related core-dumping stack trace some weeks ago.
Given that "svn up" just now doesn't give me anything new (I'm at
-r2210), I'm not even testing with Sword trunk right now.  We're still
working with 1.5.11, -r2174, for our development/release intentions.

I have the patch that you and Peter produced some time back and have
that applied in one tree, but as I said, we're not testing it while I
know that GS won't get past initialization due to this locale thing.

In any event, a compile-time #define for #ifdef'ing would make life
fabulously more helpful, as I could then integrate the GS dv11n patch
while still coping with the older world of 1.5.11.

Please be sure to get feedback about any and all "little fixes" that are
outstanding.  Aside from the reference fix you've mentioned and the
compressed modules performance fix, Matthew had a request for a slight
modification to HTML output in the presence of xrefs, and I think there
might be a couple more, though memory is fuzzy.

For that matter, it seems you missed a request of mine from pre-1.5.11
to deploy an RTF handling of <center></center>, but I don't consider it
at all critical.

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