[sword-devel] iPhone frontend alpha screenshots

Ian Wagner iwagn973 at students.bju.edu
Mon Nov 24 11:47:14 MST 2008

On Nov 24, 2008, at 12:40 PM, Greg Hellings wrote:
> Since having a free entry box would be cumbersome on the iPhone, maybe
> allow the user to change the arrangement of the book entries - allow
> for alphabetical as well as canonical order, since that would help
> some people not necessarily familiar with the canon.
> Have you thought about what you're going to do for integrating
> footnotes or commentaries?  Have you considered lexica or general
> books?  If you plan not to support those, it would probably be a good
> idea to filter them out of the module downloader so people aren't
> confused.
> Again, if you have the source code released, people on the list may be
> able to help out with some of the coding.  Either way, good luck and
> it'll be nice to see this make it to the App Store, so I don't have to
> use the youversion client anymore.
> --Greg

Alphabetical ordering would be useful, but I'll have to think about a  
way to implement that without it being too cumbersome. I think that  
OliveTree actually tried doing a text entry box, but that doesn't work  
well at all on a handheld in my opinion.

I have given considerable thought to the question of what to do with  
footnotes and commentaries. I plan on having the option for a  
different layout when the iPhone is tilted landscape so that you can  
have two parallel modules open. That would work well for comparing  
translations or reading commentaries. For the footnotes, I'm not  
really sure what to do yet. I am currently not planning on including  
any cross-references as load times were *significantly* longer before  
I disabled them (particularly if the module has lots of them, as does  
the ESV). Any ideas on footnotes are welcome. I was considering adding  
a link to jump to the bottom of the page, and then a link back at the  
end of the footnote. (Note: I am having the iPhone's UIWebView take  
care of all of the rendering since HTML output is already in SWORD and  
that made sense to me.)

My goal is to have support for all of the module formats in the end,  
although the initial release will probably only support bibles for  
simplicity of navigation. I will try to get a website up over  
thanksgiving break (once I decide on a name :D). Probably a Trac setup  
would work best.

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